Brillant Mill Team:

A "Mill Brillant Team" was formed in March 2013.

It has four team members, Alexander Szabari, Jozef Mičko, Ferenc Volman and György Bándy, who created the "Brillant Mill" program.

The idea to create nine men's morris program came from Alexander Szabari. It didn’t take long time and his companion, a programmer Jozef Mičko joined.

Other partners, Volman Ferenc and Bándy György, who have had deep experience with the mill game for many years, joined later.

Alexander and Jozef have been excellent at programming, Ferenc and György have had impressive knowledge of the game.

Complememted one another their formed a team.

Creation of the program as well as communication have been realized though the internet. Constantly in touch, organizing a conference every five weeks, we took the work seriously to achieve the target, making the perfect mill-based database program.

Bándy György – Hungary, Kerepes

Volman Ferenc - Hungary, Dunaújváros

Mičko Jozef - Slovakia, Košice

Szabari Alexander - Slovakia, Košice

Three of the Brillant Mill Team participated on the European Championship 2015.

The Results: György 1. place, Ferenc 3. place

Brillant Mill database program helped to prepare us for this excellent result.

Brillant Mill program:

The "Brillant Mill" is a professional program for playing mill. Database system consists of all the possible situations that may happen. It is perfect for playing and consequent analysis.

The program is unbeatable and does no mistaked. The best result that can be achieved is a draw, under that condition one side does not make mistake.

It can forseen winning and loosing paths. It can specify exact number of steps until the game end.

In case of winning position, the program chooses the shortest way to win. When having been chosen lossing position, the program chooses the longest way to loose. In case of draw, it chooses the way depending on the set parameters.

Supposing the winning position or the loosing position that was set before, the program immidiately places the puck on the board, with no waiting period provided.

In case of only one possible, the program places the puck immidiately.

The program distinguishes the styles of strategy, and based on that it chooses the best paths for moves.

The full range of strategic styles is adjustable from full offensive to defensive style. Despite that, the program has 7 other options: Full defensive, strong defensive, light defensive, mixed, light offensive, strong offensive and full offensive.

The program has high level of intelligence.

All essential functions and lots of extra features are included.

The program has a very wide range of playing styles. It can play with the chosen set opening or without opening book, or completely randomly.

Despite that, it is possible to set the strategy style from full defensive to full offensive. This option can be set manually.

The program chooses the most important way out of the tie possible ways that may happen, on the basis of the calculated parameters of the strategy styles.

It is also possible to analyze any situation, manually or automatically.

Situations can be generated from the database, e.g. situation that can be win within 60 moves, and played until the end. The longest possible position can be win in 204 moves. This options can also be generated.

Individual matches can be generated and played against the program.

Save picture of position.

Customizable view (table background, platters, notation, table of moves).

The program is multilanguages.

The program functions:

1. Match against the program: Customize the game stale (opening + strategic style), a moreover the importance of calculation of draw paths.

Opening style:

1. 23 Openings (12 white, 11 black)

2. Without opening book

Fighting style:

1. 7 fighting styles: full defensive, strong defensive, light defensive, mixed, light offensive, strong offensive, full offensive

2. Manual customization in the full scale globally: from full offensive to full defensive using two movable scroll bars, style and level of randomness are adjusted.

Factors determining calculation of draws:

1. Time

2. Depth

3. Amount of precalculated draw situations

2. Match against the program according to opening (23 openings: 12 white, 11 black)

3. Generation of a match situation and consequent analysis of this situation against the other player or the computer

4. Generation of positions from the database (e.g. position found: moving phase, 9 vs 9, White starts and wins in 191 moves)

5. Analysis:

1. Analysis of the position by oneself

2. Analysis of the position by computer

3. Analysis functions:

1. Status of the game

2. Colour identification

3. Moves (indication of possible moves and display of status of the game after one step)

4. Search for the first incorrent move

* Analysis functions can be callled anytime through the game*

6. Save picture of position

7. Time adjustment consists of:

1. Automatic analysis time

2. Time of move, when replaying game

3. Time of move, when playing Program vs. Program at determined result

8. Saving the played match, loading of played match, step by step analysis of moves

9. View settings: board background, coordinate system, pucks, size of "Possible moves" table

Board background:

1. Brillant wood

2. Brillant metal


1. Brillant blue

2. Brillant standard

3. Wood

4. Standard black & white

Coordinate system:

1. Numbered-lettered system (outside the board)

2. Numbered-lettered system (inside the board)

3. Numbers (1-24)

Size of "Possible moves" table:

1. Fixed size

2. Adapt size (adapting to the number of possible moves)

10. Sound

11. Information menu, that includes all essential information about the program

12. Choose language:

a, English (EN)

b, Deutsch (DE)

c, Magyar (HU)

d, Română (RO)

e, Slovenský (SK)

Every step of the match is recorded and saved in txt file. The whole game is saved as well.

Downloading and installing Brillant Mill:

The compressed package size: 4,8 GB

Total size of the program: 21GB

To download Brillant Mill you are required to:

1. Register here

2. Confirm registration though your e-mail

3. Download Brillant Mill zip/rar files::




Installing Brillant Mill:

1. Unpack Folder

2. Unpack files

- BrillantBeginPositions.rar

- BrillantEndPositions.rar

- BrillantRemoveFromMillPositions.rar

Into existing corresponding directories of database

The Brillant Mill 16 days trial version can be used maximun 45 times.

A trial version is available with all functions.

System Requirements:

Processor: 1 GHz


Free space: 26 GB

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


The total cost of the program is: 60 EUR

License: single license / one computer only

To order it, please send an email to and invoiced amount of money should be sent to the account .

IBAN: SK95 1100 0000 0026 1571 4180 or through PayPal

Payment confirmation should be sent to

After that, we will contact you and under condition that transation was successfull (paid) and the serial number you provided is valid, activation code for the "Brillant Mill" program will be sent by an e-mail.


In case an error is detected, please send an e-mail to


The Best Long Win Positions is all 204 Moves.

Moving phase - 8 (white) vs 7 (black) - Black begin - White win to 204 moves

Draw position 3 pucks vs 9 pucks .

Moving 3 pieces phase - 3 (white) vs 9 (black) - White begin - Draw

The Best Long 3 vs 3 Win Position is all 26 moves.

Moving 3 pieces phase - 3 (white) vs 3 (black) - White begin - Black wins to 26 moves

Brillant Mill download